Think small businesses don’t need a conference bridge? Think again!

November 13, 2015

As a small business owner, having a conference bridge in your office may seem like an unnecessary expense. The common school of thought amongst small business owners is that these tools are only necessary for big businesses and that the average small business does fine with the multi-caller functions available with the average phone handsets. 


It’s time to think again! 


To conduct a proper conference call, you need the proper hardware. And a conference bridge allows for functionality that goes far beyond the basic multi-caller features on a phone. For starters, many bridges allow for up to 25 callers to dial into a virtual meeting place. Whereas the basic multi-caller features on a traditional handset typically only allow for three callers at a time. With a conference bridge, call participants from all over the city, the country, the continent and even the globe can dial in and join a call. 


This capability offers two major benefits to small businesses.


For employees, it means greater flexibility, collaboration and communication because everyone can dial in regardless of their geographic location. This means all-staff meetings can be held with employees who work from home, are off on a job site or in another city meeting with clients – all that’s needed is for everyone to call into the central hub and meetings can go on as usual. 


For customers, business-to-business scenarios with geographically dispersed clients are no longer a logistical challenge. A conference bridge allows a large number of people to attend the same meeting regardless of location, eliminating the need for expensive travel. 


But, the best perk of investing in a conference bridge is in how customers will perceive the business. By having the tools necessary to host large customer conferences, your business will appear well organized and more professional, giving it more credibility and thereby generating more potential business.