Why you need to get on the UC bandwagon

May 25, 2015

What did we do before Google? We don’t mean in terms of using it to look up everything under the sun; we mean using Gmail for email, Docs for collaborating on projects, Calendar for keeping organized and Hangouts for instant messaging and making video calls. Thanks to Google, all your communication needs use one platform.

Google didn’t invent this all-encompassing unified solution – and they’re certainly not the only ones who offer it (Apple, for example, offers subscribers similar features with the apps that use its AppleID).

Unified Communications (UC) solutions have been around for years but thanks to consumer solutions by the likes of Google and Apple, their business applications are becoming better understood.

UC solutions turn your business phone system into something that is so much more than simply a system that can make and receive phone calls. By definition, UC is the combining of all real-time communications with all non real-time communications. So, voice mail, email, SMS, screen sharing, calendaring and fax are seamlessly integrated with instant messaging, telephony and video conferencing. You know the multi-purpose Swiss Army knife? UC is your multi-purpose solution to business communication.

Why do you need to get on the UC bandwagon? Because UC increases productivity and that increases revenues. Here are a few examples of how.

  • If your business has multiple offices across multiple cities, co-workers can easily collaborate without leaving their desk because everyone is on the same system. No longer is video conferencing something that needs a conference room and a big screen. UC allows employees to use their computers (or their phones or tablets) to turn any call into a quick videoconference for virtual face-to-face collaboration.
  • Cellphones and tablets easily become an extension of the corporate network, allowing for a more mobile workforce.
  • The Presence feature allows for more efficient conversations because you’ll always know your colleagues’ availability.
  • Quick questions can be solved by quick instant messages rather than disruptive phone calls or another email to fill the inbox. 

Google and Apple provide efficiency and consolidation in every day lives; corporate UC solutions do the same for your business.