Item #: NTDW89AA

Avaya Mobile Voice Client 2050

Manufacturer: Nortel


The Nortel Mobile Voice Client 2050 (MVC 2050) extends 802.11b WLAN IP Telephony to mobile staff using Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003 and 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC PDAs including the Dell Axim X50v, Axim X5 Advanced, X3 and X3i, Hewlett Packard iPAQ 555x and Toshiba e75x and e80x series models.The (MVC 2050) Mobile Voice Client 2050 expands on the Nortel IP SoftPhone 2050 by converging business applications onto a mobile device delivering full telephony from the local switch to Pocket PC-based PDAs. Now, with the MVC 2050 you can take your Nortel communications applications anywhere, without long distance charges. Integrating Multiple Communications Methods The Nortel Mobile Voice Client 2050 (MVC 2050) offers multiple communication methods directly through the network from any location. Top-quality voice communication is supported using Nortel`s USB headset connected to your Pocket-PC. Calling Line Identification, call handling options, and voicemail access are supported through the MVC 2050`s intuitive user interface with a dial pad and six programmable feature keys. Access to Nortel Personal Call Manager and CallPilot allows you to access text and voice messaging, as well as call logs and call information data. With the Mobile Voice Client 2050 (MVC 2050) communications versatility reaches all new levels with support for up to 650 telephony features. Security Requirements Voice and data communications are considered secure only for external-to-campus employees with support for IPSec VPN tunneling.

System Features:

Converges business applications onto a single, mobile device delivering full telephony capabilities to Pocket PC-based PDAs, thus eliminating the need for separate voice and data communication devices 802.11b WLAN IP Telephony support ensures mobile workers equipped with Pocket PC-based PDAs have flexible access to communications resources anywhere within the enterprise Easy and intuitive interface with feature emulation similar to that of Nortel IP phones Easily interfaces with Windows applications such as Outlook to integrate contact lists and messaging. Secures transmission of voice and data communications via IPSec standard-based VPN connections Compatible with Nortel Communication Server 1000, Meridian 1, Business Communications Manager (BCM) and Survivable Remote Gateway.