Item #: NTKC0020

BCM Fax Suite Software Authorization Code.

Manufacturer: Nortel

System Features:

BCM Fax Suite Software Authorization Code The fax machine is common place in today`s business environment. The ability to transmit hard copy information instantly anywhere in the world has heightened expectations for speed and accuracy of communications. Even with other available technologies, many organizations still rely on facsimile as a primary form of communication with customers, suppliers and employees, especially when hard copy documents are required. BCM`S FAX works with Voice Messaging to provide incoming and outgoing fax capability. A caller can send and retrieve a fax message to and from a mailbox as easily as they send a voice message to and from a mailbox. FAX options can be added individually or as a FAX Suite with the appropriate software key-codes. BCM FAX provides the following fax capability: FAX Messaging FAX On Demand FAX Broadcasting FAX Overflow How Fax Works Fax information is collected and displayed in four BCM Voice Messaging reports. Fax can be used by any outside caller or by any mailbox owner in the company. Outside the office, fax can be used from any touchtone telephone. Within the office, fax can be used from any BCM or touchtone telephone connected to the BCM system. Callers using a rotary dial telephone cannot access fax. A fax document (known as a fax message) can be left in a mailbox with or without an introductory voice message. A line can be assigned to a mailbox to act as a Virtual fax line for the mailbox. Any fax messages sent to the mailbox, on this line`s telephone number, are sent to the subscriber`s mailbox. If the Virtual fax line is either a Direct Inward Dial (DID) or Target Line (1FL), two callers can send a fax to this line at the same time. If a third caller attempts to send a fax to the Virtual fax line, the line is busy and the resulting fax message is delivered to the FAX Overflow Mailbox. How BCM Fax Integrates FAX Messaging does not require dedicated voice channels. FAX Messaging shares the voice channels with Voice Messaging and can use any of the 32 voice channels when required. This means that on a 32 channel Voice Messaging system with 2 channels of fax installed, there are still 32 channels of Voice Messaging available when the fax is not in use. Most competitive systems require dedicated channels for fax. This means that competitive systems would reduce the number of voice channels available to 30, even when fax is not in use.