Item #: NTAB4072

BCM Unified Messaging 8-Seat Software Authorization Code.

Manufacturer: Nortel


BCM Unified Messaging 8 Seat Software Authorization Code Description The Nortel BCM Unified Messaging 8-Seat Software Authorization Code enables 8 users to access unified messaging features on the BCM. What is Unified Messaging? Unified Messaging is the latest in messaging features from Nortel and expands on traditional voicemail by converging all voice, text, and email messages onto one platform. With BCM Unified Messaging, Nortel delivers a solid program that will provide improvements in user productivity and allow your business to operate more efficiently. What will Unified Messaging do for me? Great for busy and on-the-go professionals who need to keep track of large numbers of messages, Nortel`s Unified Messaging converts email, voice, and text messages into a format that is accessible either through your PC`s email program or any touch-tone phone. This not only saves you time by allowing you to quickly peruse all messages, it also allows you to save and keep track of important messages more effectively than through multiple platforms. Plus, all of these features are accessable wirelessly via PDA and handheld devices, meaning users can be more mobile than ever.

System Features:

Compatibility/Features/Details: Compatible with all Nortel Business Communication Manager (BCM) platforms Enables 8 - seats of unified messaging on the BCM Provides access to voicemail, e-mail and faxes from any touchtone phone or desktop PC Improves user productivity and organization through a single messaging access point Enables the mobile worker to remain engaged with E-mail-by-Phone, Speech Activated Messaging (SAM) and access to voice and fax messages from mobile e-mail enabled devices such as PDAs Reduces or eliminates training by providing a simple, streamlined user interface Does not impact e-mail servers or generate high volumes of LAN or WAN traffic Can be used with a variety of client environments, including Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Macintosh, Linux and Citrix